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Nature is for all of us

Elsi luontopalvelut offers a low-threshold opportunity to experience nature experiences. We help you find your own sensitivity to nature and thus strengthen your relationship with nature and support well-being and coping in everyday life, as well as encourage and guide you to continue camping on your own safely.

Close to nature – Joy and strength

I have lived most of my life surrounded by nature in the countryside. Moving around in nature has always been a big part of my life – from there I return home with a light heart. The most important cornerstone of my working life is customer service, and naturally I have honed in on meeting the customer with a sensitive ear, listening and being present equally. My activity is guided by the desire to bring joy to the customer, to find the best benefit for his needs.

In January 2022, I started studying for a wilderness and nature guide professional degree in Eerikkilä and graduated from there in the summer of 2023.

All my trainings have been fun and useful, however, my wilderness and nature training gave me a lot! We became familiar with many animals and plants, as well as wild adventures, such as rafting, winter hikes and many, many wonderful trips to nature with a rucksack. I learned a lot of skills that I want to share with others by creating experiences in nature, guide how to work safely in nature and continue to share information about responsible hiking behavior that respects nature.

I want to be a support and help when visiting nature sites, enable small breaks from the rush of everyday life, and dispel possible fears. Of course, taking care of safety comes first, it obliges but also reassures.

– Elina Silmälä


Elsi luontopalvelut offers customer-oriented recreational activities in nature. From us you can get ready-made theme packages for individuals, groups, companies and communities, events, personal support. Services and packages can be customized according to wishes.

Nature trips

Overnight camping in nature

Cooking and catering in nature

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